Age Sixteen

by Age Sixteen

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  • "Age Sixteen" Discography Test Press
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    Includes unlimited streaming of Age Sixteen via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Tracks from 1 to 9 are taken from "Open Up Finders, Please"
Tracks from 9 to 12 are taken from "split w/ Wrenn Lloyd"
both originally released in 2009

Remastered by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios


released January 17, 2015

Age Sixteen were:
Bass – Jeremiah Prevatte
Drums – Thomas Hallett
Guitar – Jon Knobel
Guitar, Vocals – Angel Marcloid
Vocals – Kris Fulton



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Couchpunx Records Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Peter Pan Complex
wake up
we spend these days
restless and waiting
those nights i spent climbing through windows
they got me nowhere

and all of those things that i wanted
an insatiable lust for young flesh
i lost my youthful innocence so long ago
so how sincere are your advances?
and how sincere are my replies?
anybodys can fill this hole

my God, this winter is killing me!
this cold air stings my face
it chills me down to the bone
leaving my bed has become a chore
and i don't know how much longer
i'm gonna last

i long for the warmth of the spring
and its promises of better things
coming into my life
saying farewell to this cold
has never felt so good
but the days are getting longer

and i still think fondly of these days past
time spent thinking of you
and the scent that's stained my memories
a metallic kiss was all i could offer
but the weight is gone

"the season of singing has come"

all those words i wrote were for you
but you don't deserve them
and i'd take them back if i could
but i can't control this pen in my hand
and i can finally see that
i don't need you

how can i smile
and dream awake?

this future of wonder, of you
from under a dream to ensue and remove
tip toe behind trees to a night i can't forget
i'll medicate my options
anything to kill regret
Track Name: Everything Is A Tide
she'll keep running until she's out of options
burning her straw bridges
taking so kindly to wading through waters

how i longed to breach her walls
she's built so high
i crawl to climb

i can see myself in you
and at my lowest point
my judgement is weighed

so let's commit to pulling these teeth
one by one until we get to the bottom
this problem's not going to solve itself

i know it's not fair
your discrepancies they are made public
while mine remain hidden

well sweetheart, there's nothing discrete about this

i'm watching you
wipe me from your life
i'm watching you
your eyes tell no lies

they fade from mine
charmed by his style and grace
our friends look on
they grieve for the mess we've made

i'll sever these hairline ties
i've gone through great lenghts for this love
how far have you gone?
i'll forgive what i can't forget
with a heart so full of hate
it suffocates

his hands dance across your body
tracing over words i wrote for yo
Track Name: Fabric
i've gone to dinner parties
and shared tables with wolves
were we sat and talked
about the innocence of lambs

they shared with me their clothing
i wore it so proud
i've shaken their hands
i've laid with them in bed

but i've lost my taste for blood
so stay with me tonight
i'm your child

let our hands speak the words
our mouths can't seem to form
our bodies they cash the checks
our hearts wrote here tonight

so give me more reasons to stay
i've got so many more to leave
somehow summers habits
followed me to spring
and there's no need to talk about
what was never meant
("you can't miss what you forget")

no need to pretend
no need to make these amends
you won't find in me
what you seek in him

she let her sighs outside at night
but everyday they came back to find her

she let her cries outside at night
but they came back everyday to find her

we won't live happily ever after
when we've fucked fate in the arms
of all that is wrong in our hearts
Track Name: Two Seconds
you tossed me a smile in passing
it was more than i could ask
a simple gesture brought tears to glaciers

how is it still possible
for so much disconnect
in this world of wires?
faced backed with light
"connect" me to you.

where do dreams of children go?
they die, like most do
fallen out and replace with mew
rested under pillows for the night thieves

your skin's like broken glass
let's stand firm and tall like trees
intertwine our roots to one
grow our skin as tough as nails

in lieu of everything i gave
you asked for water from stones
i beat the rocks to dust, but nothing flowed

everything is in the right place
but you don't like the fit
you've broken bones to fit new dresses
you've thrown away old rags

in and out you are a thing of beauty
tell me left or right
if she would have stayed
what kind of man would i be?

can we hope for better days
where we are hand in hand
on top of mountains and in
this flight state we are confident
but look what happens when we land
Track Name: Dear Judas
get off your high horse

where empty words carry so far
come down and see the weight they are
they tip no scales, their cuts skin deep
never worth the time you put in
years spent fostering

misguided abuse

you're nothing but a stranger to me
a blank face passed on the street
nothing in your life seems familiar
i've broken so many bonds
out grown relationships
is it me? i hope it's not me.
but this is my greatest fear
everyone will disappear

i lost to you abuse and routine
trapped in your room
your world never grew
outside those four walls
inhibited by the in and externals

i couldn't give you the strenght of my will
grow up, not apart

can't you hear me plead?
here in your driveway
hours spent contemplating
our youth and the greying years to come
days filled with nothing meant the world to me

"the family" came to mean nothing

if he could forgive a traitor,
why can't we move pass these trivial things?
if he could forgive a kiss on the cheek
why can't we move pass a kiss on the lips?

thirty pieces, three failed attempts
what's the say i won't go through this again
"if they say knives, then we say knives"
i won't to lose another to this fight

matthias don't let me down

maybe one day we'll meet up downstream
a forgotten handshake brings you to me
there's so many facts of life
we grow together
we grow apart
noghing lasts
this gold won't stay

but i'll stay
i'll stay true
Track Name: Empty nest
there has to be more to this living than just dying
but what do we die for?

not the wars of our fathers
this blood soaked ground's been dry for years
but we can't walk down that path
we must pave our own

it's hard to believe the youth lay their bodies down
for those they have not met
they risked everything, for someone like me
but i use these breaths for nothing worth repeating

i need something i can die for here
will you show me?

we're all so faut like rubberbands
so wound up, unwind!

these days i get so frustrated with my loved ones
i cry out, cry out

for something to come and return what a boy once believed in

i can see that my father is falling apart, while my mother sews
my father is falling apart, but my mother sows

life is flying by, these days pass like minutes
soon seconds won't exist

capture these moments through glass, but don't forget to
live each existence

i put all my faith in water expecting
some kind of solace

we speak disguised empty words to each other
let's just use our hearts

grasses will always been greener until we realize
to see this world through closed eyes
Track Name: Seasick
you speak in foreign tongue
and i'll stay lost in the translations, i don't care
it doesn't matter what you're saying
as long as you're here with me
these cuts appear from nowhere,
i just get used to the scars
i get used to the bites of snakes hidden in plain view,
we both do
your arms hold as many scars as mine,
oh what a match we'd make

hand in hand on trips to the infirmary
night after night
but it would take the courage i can't muster to tell you
how beautiful

you look in the rain, with water-soaked tears
i fear this feeling won't pass
and i'll spend countless nights wondering where you are
and when your heart will stop
wanting what it doesn't need
i'll just feed this longing with unconventional means -
like everyone else does
i say "one last time" but i've had too many "last times."

and sometines, i fear it will be my last
cynicism is becoming
and i don't care what they say, i don't care.

make it alright
speak paragraphs with your eyes
and move mountains with your smile
wake me up at 7 AM with a whisper
ignoring the birds and bells, we'll lie in bed for hours
don't tell me you love me, this isn't a love song
don't tell me you love me, don't tell me

i fall asleep at the wheel to dreams of you
but wake up in a ditch with shattered glass
there's no understanding here

i'll buy my time
i've gone through this before
i'll stay patient, oh what a virtue!
hopelessly hopeful
i tire and bore myself

but your eyes are for him
they won't see mine
but i can wait this out
wait for something to spark or fade

put away your make up
you're so beautiful that it hurts sometimes
i'm taking these trips to the hospital alone
don't tell me you love me
because this isn't a love song
it's just the reality

you said we had years ahead of us
but you said we'd feel better soon
i wish i had slit your throat
but you don't feel a fucking thing anymore
Track Name: The Lion And The Gazelle
stuck in this limbo
no idea
what comes next for us

we scrounge our hearts to find the happiness in
tears, a reason for all the bad that has happened in
this world all the while knowing the truth that men
do terrible things without reason and that in every
new born child rests great potential for both good
and evil. but don't lose hope, for without it we are
ruined. think not of worlds where smiles do not exist
or even where your fate is sealed with one kiss. lift
your heavy hearts and fill your tired heads with
warm salvation. tomorrow brings anew to what
today hath wrought wrong. fill your lungs and
scream these songs.

the future is wasted on the young. we fill our nights
with cheap beer, empty promises, and plans that go
nowhere. we can't see far down this road, there's
no telling. the old look back on us and smile, our
faces are like mirrors to them. but if they had our
time, it would not go wasted.

the future is wasted on the young
we build foundations of sticks and mud
they are certain to fall
the old look back and smile at us
our faces! they reflect their own
misguided opportunities
and situations not taken advantage of

but i won't die without a fight
not tonight

i want to be so tangled in you that i don't know my
left from right,
up from down, falling from failure
lips, skin, teach, breathing me in
don't stop breathing
why aren't you breathing?
she isn't breathing